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We are an online jewellery design school that offers courses for those who want to learn how to create beautiful jewellery.
We offer courses in a variety of skills sets, such as gouache, watercolour and procreate digital designs.

We're passionate about teaching people the art of designing and making their own designs come alive with our tutorials.

Design from Beginner to Advanced

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Learn the Art of Using Gouache

Learn jewellery design & rendering through drawing and painting techniques in our virtual classes.
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The secrets of Procreate Designs

Learn the fundamentals of jewellery design on an Ipad with carefully designed courses for all skill levels varying in difficulty.  
Samantha Kelly


With an 11-year jewellery design and manufacturing career, Samantha has captured clients stories in timeless designs and understands what it takes. She’s got the skills to help you design better.
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Don't lose the opportunity to become happier, more efficient and more effective in jewellery design.